BlimE dance

Our entire school was part of the BlimE nation-wide dance last Friday at midday. BlimE is an initiative brought to schools and other educational institutions by NRK in hopes of gathering children together to create good memories,  friendships and better relationships at school.

This year, the song was about daring to be one self and having a positive attitude even when we fail. Our children practiced for the dance for the past few weeks and impressed with their energetic performance at the end of the school day. 


The SFO team

Meet the SFO Team (2019/20), pictured above. Students are super excited to be back in SFO. This year we have more than 60 students in SFO, ranging from Grades 1-5. We are gearing towards a fun filled year!

Grade 9 have been preparing for their "Immunity Conference" for the last week and they presented their research. They had lots of informative posters about the roles of different parts of the immune system and students shared their newly gained expertise to prepare for their summative assessment in their Health and Disease unit. 

The students in 3A have been inquiring into our new unit about how the choices we make can have positive and negative effects on our health. After being introduced to our unit, the students came up with questions that they had about the central idea. The Grade 3 students came up with many thoughtful, thought-provoking questions that will guide our unit. 

We can already tell that this is going to be a great year!



Summer update

This is the last update for this school year. As we wrap up and head to our summer break, we can take a look at back at the last few days. 

First, we congratulate this year's House Competition winner: Heimdall!

There were 28 094 house points awarded over the course of the year which shows just how many amazing attributes our students have. Well done AIS! See image above. 

This year we have had a staff initiative based on wellness and health. We were split into teams where we encouraged, supported and monitored our activity in order to promote healthy living. Well done to everyone for meeting our goal and for being excellent role models to the students.

Grade 6's unit on States of Matter came to an end. What better way to finish than by looking at non-Newtonian fluids? Grade 6 enjoyed making and experimenting with slime and saw how it is sometimes solid, sometimes liquid and you have to catch it quickly!

We wish everyone a lovely summer break! 



Shopping in Mandarin

In Mandaring, the Grade 8 students did their Summative Assessment for this unit ---- Shopping and Bargaining in Mandarin. The students are requested to sell more than 6 items using the Chinese currency. They need to ask for the price, tell the price, bargain, pay the money and give change back. They did an excellent job, see image above. 

In technology Grade 3 have been trying out some coding. As some of our students are quite proficient, it was suggested they could prepare a lesson and teach it to the rest of the class. Sai and Thisath had the first session, helping the whole class create a game using Scratch by following a set of instructions made by Sai. It was so much fun!

For our energy units, 5A got the chance to create electrical circuits. The students experimented with series and parallel circuits. They explored what will happen to the other bulb if one bulb is in a series or the parallel circuit was removed.

Have a great last week of school!


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