Kicking off the new school year

We have officially completed the first week of school for the 2020-2021 school year. There were many new faces excited to get to know their teachers and classmates, as well as all the returning ones who settled into their new classrooms. This was a different start to the year than what we are used to, but we have managed to make it a positive experience and we aim at keeping up the health standards to ensure the safety of all in our community.

Grade 1 has had a fun and busy week getting to know their classroom communities and making new friends, see image above.

Grade 5B will be piloting a new approach to developing greater student agency this year. The question was asked: what would we do to help our own learning if we had some unstructured time?



Maths competition

The AIS students have produced outstanding achievements in the Kangaroo Maths competition 2020. This was organized by the Matematikksenteret, NTNU.

The Kangaroo Competition is an annual international math competition for students from 4-10th grades, and last year nearly 20,000 pupils participated in Norway.

The AIS students from Grades 7 and 8 have secured the first place positions in their levels by answering 100% of the questions correctly. AIS has appeared at the top in the Grade 10 level as well.

In addition to these students, various students from MYP grades have reached the Top 10 achiever lists in Norway, which is remarkable.

We would like to thank all participants for their initiation and congratulate the high achieving students for their exemplary achievements.

At AIS we have been focusing on constantly improving our standards in terms of mathematics education, supporting our students, and trying to cultivate an appreciation for maths from every individual within our school community.

We hope our students grow with the love for maths and achieve great results in the future as well.


Well being in school

We started this week with confidence in our routines. The students are well adjusted and follow the new procedures as if they had always existed. Playtime has been filled with laughter and creativity. Here, a group of Grade 3 girls created and wrote a song with chalk during one of their outside breaks. 

The older grades are still learning from home and so are the teachers for those grades. This week we would like to present the new episode of our podcast, episode 4 of Uplifted: A Small School Big Voice Podcast. Just under 8 weeks ago the CV19 pandemic changed the educational landscape in Norway overnight. Mr. Mark, Miss Ivon and Mr. Brent provide some insight into how they have attempted to be solution orientated in response to isolation and home learning to ensure their own well-being and educational effectiveness is maintained.

You can listen to the podcast here, on Spotify here and on iTunes here


School reopening

After many weeks of online learning, we opened our doors today for the youngest students. As they walked into the school, they were introduced to the new routines and measures we have set in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. The students are glad to be back and see their friends and teachers, we could see many happy faces in the classrooms. 

Remember to check our information video here if anything remains unclear about the school’s protocols. 

We will keep updating our community with any new information and as always, check our social media accounts for updates on what goes on inside the classrooms. We hope everyone in our community is staying safe and healthy. 



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