First day of School, August 2018

First day of school at Asker International

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It was the first day of school today at Asker International School. We were very excited to welcome back our former students as well as all the new students joining us this year! It was great to see our new grade 1 class today. They have a shorter set of days than normal over the first 5 days. This is to allow them time to adjust and settle in. Starting school is a big change!

Our other grades started back with a normal school day. The only significant difference was that we had an assembly after lunch, after the students had settled in a little. The purpose of the assembly was to welcome all back officially and to introduce our new teachers. 

We have several new teachers. Miss Catie in grade 4, Mr. Thomas in grade 3, Miss Siri in Norwegian PYP, Miss Marianne in Norwegian MYP, Miss Jeanita in Norwegian PYP and Miss Lauren in performing arts MYP. We are very happy with our new additions and hope they grow to be part of our growing family, now with 35 members of staff and almost 300 students! 


Program for the first day back!

AIS day1

We are looking forward to welcoming all the boys and girls back to AIS. All students will have a fairly normal day, with the exception of grade 1, who start at 10:00. They have a modified timetable for the first 5 days as it can be a lot for them.

New school, new rules, new teachers and for many, a new language! So it is important they have short days and meet success on their first days of schooling. 

We have a few new teachers joining us which is also very exciting. They have been very busy for over a week now getting used to our systems and ways of doing things. We are hopeful they will bring a lot of positive energy. 

Miss Jeanita and Miss Elnaz will be joining us again and in addition we have Miss Catie in Grade 4, Mr. Thomas in grade 3, Miss Lauren in MYP, Miss Siri in Norwegian and Miss Marianne in Norwegian also. 

This is an exciting new year and we welcome everyone back to Asker International School, a fully authorised IB World School, as we now hit 300 students and 35 staff. 


First Day back - First Aid training

All our staff are back to school today and we begin with an intensive First Aid training course for all our staff. This is a procedure we follow each and every school year, so for some of our staff this is our 6th first aid rotation at Asker International School. 

As part of this course, all staff get to practise CPR, recovery position, choking, bleeding, burns and more. Some select staff also get AED training. Staff will also get Epipen training later in the day. 

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The Tsunami Enters

In Design in MYP, Grade 6 students were challenged to create a stop motion film showing the impacts of a natural disaster and a possible community response. Here is a final video from one of our talented students.

We tried to embed the video but that doesnt seem to work, so please click on the link below and take a few minutes to watch this video. This grade 6 student put time and effort in putting this stop motion video together. Well done!



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