Coronavirus guidelines

In an effort to keep the school community informed about the current situation regarding the coronavirus Here, here and here are some links from the FHI (Folkehelseinstituttet). These links provide general guidelines about the virus and what to do. 



Green fingers and field trips

Grade 5 began a new project this week, devised by Miss Elizabeth and Miss Lauren. Every member of Grade 5 has been given a plant to look after for the rest of the year and beyond. We hope that at the end of the year they will be able to propagate them to hand on to Grade 4, and so on down the school, see image above. 

As part of the school-wide field trips this week, Grade 6 visited the Teknisk Museum in Oslo. They learned how to play a player piano and how the Northern lights and Southern lights work. The students had exciting experiences and enjoyed various playful learning activities.

Grade 7 and 8 visited the Oslofjord museum in Vollen. They heard about the history of Oslofjorden, how the fjord-culture in Norway has developed and how it looks different in different places in our country today. 

Grade 1 took a trip to the Teknisk Museum as well. They had a great time exploring the museum and visiting the planetarium.



Chinese New Year at AIS

This week at AIS we celebrated Chinese New Year! We started with a cultural assembly led by the MYP students where the whole school was present. All MYP students had spent lots of days working on their performances. They decided their class performance, created their dance and wrote together their rap song or script. They really took ownership of this celebration and Miss Zhe was very proud of their hard work. After the assembly, the MYP students went into the PYP classrooms to teach the PYP students some enjoyable and educational activities related to the Chinese New Year. Excellent work, MYP!

We were very fortunate to have the First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy celebrating this event with us. Mr. Chang was impressed with the students’ performance and felt very happy to be a part of this celebration. We thank him for joining us and for his encouraging speech, see image above. 



AIS helps Australia!

Lina took action at home by designing a really informative poster on the bushfires in Australia. She presented it to Mr. Andrew on the day of "Plank for Australia" fundraising activity. Well done Lina!

All students were asked to help with donating money towards Australia in regards to the bush fires. The money will go towards the rural fire brigades and for emergency relief to the animals. 

The target of 5000 Kr was passed which means that Mr. Andrew will shave his beard and Mr. Brent has also volunteered to wear something ridiculous for the day. 

The school came together for a whole school plank to show our support. It started in the library with Grade 1 and moved all the way around the school in a continuous line.

What makes our school so amazing is that we really do look outside our own lives and are aware of what is happening in the world around us.



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