Science in the MYP

In Science this week, Grade 9 started to prepare for their summative assessment by tracking the progress of an enzyme-controlled reaction. We measured how well amylase (the enzyme in saliva) breaks down starch at different pHs. Students discovered that amylase works best at neutral or slightly alkaline pHs, see image above. Our next investigation will involve the liver enzyme catalase and seeing how it is affected by temperature. 

Grade 7 have been learning about Body Systems in their current unit and last week they dissected a heart. They saw that the thickness of the walls of the heart is different in different parts of the heart and explored the 4 chambers and valves inside the heart. Very careful and precise dissection skills from the students in our Science class. 

In Art, Grade 6 had the great opportunity to work alongside artist Sophie Rodin and to participate in her Asker-wide book project My Book, My Voice. The core of this project is to create a story based on the drawings they created under the instruction of the artist. A big thanks to Sophie Rodin!



Chess championship

There has been lots happening during the last couple of weeks at AIS. The chess team played really well at the chess championship this weekend - with AIS coming 21st place with 5 points! For most of the team it was their first 3-day tournament and for a Grade 6 student it was his first ever chess tournament which makes it all the more impressive. Above is a picture of some of the team members, well done! ♟

The Grade 5 students presented a version of The Lorax before the exhibition. The exhibition was a culmination of hard work and effort from the Grade 5 students. 

At AIS we celebrated World Book Day April 24th, 2019. A huge thank you to our parent volunteers in Grade 1 during AIS World Book Day. The children loved having you share your stories with them.

Last week in Mandarin lessons, Grade 6 students played a memory game to review and consolidate the new words they have learned in this unit in order to prepare them for their summative assessment. The students had an exciting experience playing the game.

Grade 2 have been presenting all their learning from their inquiry into how the world works. Students collaborated in pairs to demonstrate an experiment that shows a changing state of matter. The demonstrations also included posters and Google Slides presentations. We loved watching each other's presentations and filmed them to share with our parents on Seesaw. 

At the moment all staff members are taking part in an AIS Staff Get Active program. It is based around encouraging one another to be involved in any type of physical activity. To involve the students we have a fun competition during every Monday's assembly so they can also see teachers being risk takers and stepping out of their comfort zone. This week’s activity was a squat challenge.


Building bridges

We hope everyone is enjoying a well deserved break, here is what’s been going on at AIS during the past few days:

As an introduction to their new maths unit, Grade 9 built bridges of drinking straws. The goal was to build the bridge that could hold the most weight. Would they see the link to the strongest shape? See image above. 

Grade 3B visited Grade 2 this week to teach the students about fractions. The students planned, prepared resources, taught and reflected on their lessons independently. Mr Thomas, Miss Sophie and Mr Matt were extremely pleased to see how organised, patient and professional the Grade 3 "teachers" were and it was great to see lots of enthusiasm and respect from the Grade 2 students.

For our unit about climate change, the students in 4A looked at a case study about flooding in Bangladesh resulting from climate change. The students had to look at the problems that Bangladesh has experienced due to global warming and come up with solutions. Some of the innovative solutions consisted of building raised wells, sewer systems, and houses on stilts.



Grade 1 learn about weight

The past few days at AIS, Grade 1 has been learning about weighing. The children have been using different types of scales to weigh things and find out which items are heavier or lighter, they have enjoyed this activity as you can see above. 

Grade 4 has been learning about climate change. The students were set with the task of deciding which country has the biggest impact on carbon emissions in our atmosphere. It was great to hear their discussions and see their predictions. The students were shocked with some of the results once they saw the data. Then in Inquiry, the Grade 4 students worked in groups to focus on a consequence of global warming and create a poster to inform the rest of the class about it. Groups looked at how global warming impacts farmers, homes, food, water, fishing, and beaches.

Grade 9 students have been learning how to tell the time and describe their daily routines in Chinese this week. They have also been working individually to outline their dream day.

Last week, Grade 7 visited Nesbru Omsorgssenter as part of their service learning at AIS. Students represented the school proudly and really benefited from the experience. One of the students shared the day with the entire school during Assembly. Thank you Grade 7 for all your effort!



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