Grade 1 learn about weight

The past few days at AIS, Grade 1 has been learning about weighing. The children have been using different types of scales to weigh things and find out which items are heavier or lighter, they have enjoyed this activity as you can see above. 

Grade 4 has been learning about climate change. The students were set with the task of deciding which country has the biggest impact on carbon emissions in our atmosphere. It was great to hear their discussions and see their predictions. The students were shocked with some of the results once they saw the data. Then in Inquiry, the Grade 4 students worked in groups to focus on a consequence of global warming and create a poster to inform the rest of the class about it. Groups looked at how global warming impacts farmers, homes, food, water, fishing, and beaches.

Grade 9 students have been learning how to tell the time and describe their daily routines in Chinese this week. They have also been working individually to outline their dream day.

Last week, Grade 7 visited Nesbru Omsorgssenter as part of their service learning at AIS. Students represented the school proudly and really benefited from the experience. One of the students shared the day with the entire school during Assembly. Thank you Grade 7 for all your effort!



Experimenting at AIS

This week at AIS was filled with experiments. Can an object change from a solid to a liquid? Grade 2 were inquiring into this question with an experiment. First they made predictions. Then they put an object in a clear plastic bag and rubbed it with their hands for 4 minutes. At the end they observed the results and made conclusions. 

Grade 6 boys prepared microscope slides of cheek and onion cells in science, while the girls had a talk from Anette, our helsesøster. Slide preparation takes some skill and care and they all rose to the challenge. They worked independently to focus the microscopes and view the cells. Some students took photographs which show them clearly. 

Grade 4b, had a friendly competition where the students completed a scavenger hunt in order to answer questions on their new unit on climate change. They showed great collaboration and were very engaged. Well done Grade 4!

In PE, the students in Grade 4 are continuing to prepare for their summative assessment which is to create a shelter. Students made mini shelters to prepare / plan about how their shelter would look. Students also played invasion games in the forest, see image above. 


Parkour in Grade 9

The Grade 9 students had an introduction to their new PE unit based on Parkour. Students unpacked how you can travel safely / create flow in their run while trialling different basic elements that are essential when performing parkour, see image above. 

Also in PE, the students in Grade 4 made the most out of having the forest so close to the school by taking part in their wilderness unit. Students created their own assault course which consisted of climbing under, jumping off and balancing on. Students then tested each others’ courses out. They also had a Tug O war competition and a scavenger hunt.

Grade 5 are blogging! As part of the journey towards the PYP Exhibition, each student is required to keep a journal marking their progress. The journals will only be shared with teachers, mentors and parents. "Can I write it in English and Russian for my Mum?" asked Ismail. And with that, we're bilingual bloggers.

Grade 9 students have been working hard on their Community Project's. One student, Aulla, chose to tackle Gender equality. To help raise awareness on her topic, Aulla created the following website, please take the time to check it out.

For their community service, two Grade 9 students chose mental health awareness as their project topic, and with this they created a website. Please feel free to check this website out, and the two students would appreciate your feedback (an anonymous survey can be found at the bottom of the page). 


The Living Wax Museum

This week, Grade 4 took part in their summative assessment, called the Living Wax Museum. During the Living Wax Museum, the Grade 4 students transformed themselves into a revolutionary by dressing up and standing in poses around the library as if they were a wax figure. They came to life and shared about their revolutionary when the museum patrons came around and pressed the red button on their wrist. The Grade 4 students were very happy to have the support of the PYP and MYP as well as their parents who attended our Living Wax Museum, see picture above. 

Grade 1 made 'Bird food kebabs' to take and hang on the trees during their forest school session. The children had a lot of fun making them and are looking forwards to seeing if the birds have eaten them next week.

In Science this week, Grade 9 have made a great start to their summative assessment. They are exploring refraction using online simulations to gather data and identify patterns.

Grade 8 used chemical analysis to test for the presence of different food groups for their new science unit "Body systems". They will go on to use these skills when studying enzyme reactions to prepare for their summative assessment.



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