Adopt a Beach

This week we launched our new ‘Adopt a Beach’ initiative. Grade 2 families along with their teachers visited a local beach (Hvalstrand) where we firstly picked up rubbish before sharing food and playing some games. The initative is designed so students learn to take pride in their local community while bringing families together outside of a school setting. Thank you to all the families who attended, it was an amazing experience and I look forward to seeing G3 families at Sjøstrand next week!


Welcome back!

First week, complete! It was great to see all new and returning students ready for the new year. We hope all students enjoyed their first week back and are ready to learn in a fun environment while understanding the high expectations that we have at AIS.

This year there will be a rotation of MYP students interacting with the younger students. They will play and engage with the younger children to create a friendly environment at break time. These students will eventually have G1 buddies but for now they are just going to interact with the younger students.

We are looking forward to a great year and we will be publishing regular updates here and on our social media sites, so please remember to follow those. 



Class of 2022

We are proud to present the graduating class of MYP 2022! The students have worked hard and it has been a wonderful experience to get to know them and watch them grow as learners and as individuals. We wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavors.

The Grade 5 students had their PYP graduation ceremony as well and they are thrilled and excited to jump up to the MYP. We hope to see all of them ready for the next chapter in the AIS book after a well deserved summer break.

Happy summer everyone!



MYP Play

With Covid restrictions lessening, we wanted to create a way for the MYP students to come together and create something new. Both Ms. Tara and Ms. Taylor have extensive experience and a deep love for theatre and wanted to share this passion with the students. They got to talking one day, where all great ideas start--the teacher lunch room--and the idea for an MYP spring play was born.

It was a learning journey not only for the students but also for us. I don't think we could be more pleased with the final result, not only the show the students put on but also their dedication, resilience, and creativity.

Special thanks to the cast and crew, Mr. Robert Browne, Mr. Mark Cringle, Ms. Mya Esplin, Ms. Renate Drageide, Ms. Chantale Williams, Ms. Annie Locke, Ms. Hannah Blythern, MYP teachers. 



ASKER International School

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