Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be able to follow up on my child's progress?
Parents will receive reports at the end of each term that can be accessed through their managebac login. In addition to this, parents will be able to monitor the progress of their child and will be provided with an overview to the curriculum. It is important to note that homework will not be set in the same fashion as Norwegian schools. 

Will students have to learn Norwegian?
Yes. All students will be required to do Norwegian. We view Norwegian as a very important  and integral part of our curriculum. The Norwegian teacher has a responsibility for ensuring all students experience Norwegian culture and history. For many students, this teacher may be their only portal into the Norwegian community.

Students will receive a minimum of 4 periods of Norwegian per week. Extra groups for 'Norsk fordypning' or second language support my be set up based on need.

My child already speaks Norwegian. Will she fall behind?
She shouldn't, but this isn't a black or white answer. A student's success will depend upon multiple factors: how well does the teacher provide support and follow-up? Has the child come to the school with the right motivation to learn? Is there good communication and support between the home and the school? If the answers are yes to these questions then children, in most cases, are very successful in their endeavors.

My child doesn't speak English. How will they cope in the school?
Our contact teachers are motivated teachers who have experience working in groups with diverse ethnicities. When working in such an environment, one expects different ability levels. The level of success a child experiences will depend on the factors mentioned in the previous FAQ.

Does the school have foreign language lessons?
Currently we facilitate Norwegian and English in mixed groups. As the school grows we will expand our delivery and look forward to facilitating more languages in the school. If a parent has the opportunity to facilitate one or two lessons of mother tongue per week, please contact the school as mother tongue development is an area we like to support.

How will maths be delivered?
We will approach mathematics through an IB perspective. To reinforce our numeracy program, we plan on implementing the Nelson international curriculum which provides us with a selection of workbooks that we can run from grades 1- 6. We also scaffold mathematics with online tools such as Mathletics. 


Does Asker International School (AIS) have a kindergarten?

AIS does not have its own kindergarten. We currently do not have a preschool at Asker International School. There is a Montessori in Sandvika that has information for your perusal here


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