After-school services

The school will open at 07:30 daily and supervision will be provided for all students in a designated area. If parents wish to have their children outside, the playground will not be supervised until 08:30 every morning.

Important note: The school needs 1 month's notice of any change in SFO (skolefritiidsordning-translates roughly as After-School Services) hours for a child, as this can impact how many assistants are working at a time.

The amounts for SFO will be as follows:

Days a week per month Cost per month
5 days 2250
4 days 1800
3 days 1350
2 days 900
1 days 450

Parents will receive information via mail about SFO. SFO enrollment for students needs to be done per term so we can effectively manage these sessions with resources and the correct amount of staff. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Units in SFO

We have decided that SFO will be used to enrich learning at AIS. It will be a practical and fun reinforcement of the learning that takes place during the timetable. Although there will be other events such as picnics and walks taking place in SFO, we will run units parallel to the class units. This is so parents have an overview of what is taking place.



The main goal of after-school services is to provide student supervision for students after normal school hours.  In addition to this, we wish to ensure that after-school services is, as much as possible, an extension of learning, where students will investigate opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills they have obtained in lessons.

The activities in the after-school club will be oftentimes art and craft oriented. In addition to this we will continuously explore opportunities to take students off-site on hikes and other outdoor activities and invite guest speakers and other parties in to work with the students during this period.

Information on the units in SFO will be detailed on the school webpage.

Fees explained

The fees for SFO are 450NOK per month for 1 day, 2250NOK for full enrollment per month. For organisation purposes we request that parents enroll their child for the full term. We will enroll further assistants based on student numbers. 

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