School Board

The School Board


A new board was elected in June 2018

Resolution; The new board will be as follows:

Bente Traa 2 years

Hanne Cappelen 2 years

Ranveig Depew 1 year

Mikele Sergio P Capoferro 1 year

Per Goffeng-Nielsen 1 year

Anders Sjøløkken 1 year 

Bjørn Langvik 1 year

Sarah Slinning 1 year (vara)

Kjersti Rød Rypdal 2 years (vara)

In addition the following non-voting members:

Anne-Lise Kjelland, Parent Council representative

Debra Schei – teaching staff representative

Chantale Williams – non-teaching staff representative

Student Council representative

Board Meeting Schedule

12th September - Compliance - pending non-compliance issues

5th December - Budget, auditor, school fees

6th March - Annual accounts,appropriate use of funds, annual report, marketing plans

3rd April - Competence development, staffing plans, health & safety

12th June - Admittance practice, psycho-social environment

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