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A podcast created by Asker International School for anyone passionate about pedagogy.  A small school with a big VOICE!

Mr Mark interviews educators, students, parents and influencers on all things education.  

 Our newest episode of Uplifted: A Small School Big Voice Podcast is live! 
To frustrate, to irritate, to excite, to amuse, to shock - the need to provoke interest and exploration lies at the centre of this episode. Andrew is the guest on the show. He is a PYP coordinator, PE teacher and IB enthusiast. Listen to the sixth episode, Provocations, on the links below. 
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Our previous episodes are also available on the links above. Here is a quick summary of their themes and guest speakers:
Episode 1: I time
In this Episode Mr Mark talks to Matthew, a Grade 2 teacher at Asker International School about the introduction of I time into the curriculum. Mr Matthew speaks passionately about the impact this 45 minutes strategy is having in his classroom. Matthew also stresses the importance of professional development and teacher autonomy as catalysts for the emergence of I Time as a pedagogical vehicle to promote student agency and inquiry.
Episode 2: Outdoor Learning
Can you imagine hopping and skipping to the forest, in minus degrees, knee deep in snow with 20 children in tow? For Rebecca, an elementary/primary school teacher, this is the highlight of her week. Rebecca is an advocate of outdoor learning regardless of the weather. In this episode, Rebecca challenges the idea that teaching and learning belongs in the classroom.
Episode 3: Home Learning CV 19
In this special episode Mr Mark speaks to five students from Asker International School about the provision of Home Learning during the CV19 pandemic. The students' responses are based on their experiences after almost three weeks of forced digitalized learning.
Episode 4:Making it work - During CV19
Just under 8 weeks ago the CV19 pandemic changed the educational landscape in Norway overnight. Mr Mark Miss Ivon and Mr Brent provide some insight into how they have attempted to be solution orientated in response to isolation and home learning to ensure their own well-being and educational effectiveness is maintained. 
Episode 5: Precorrection
Asker International School has a growing reputation in Norway for its calm learning environment. Today’s guest Robert Browne, the principal of the school, speaks candidly about the importance of precorrection in creating a classroom & school culture for learning.


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