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Welcome to ASKER International School

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Welcome to ASKER International School

Welcome to ASKER International School

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Welcome to Asker International School


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 We will be celebrating Sami national day in our general assembly on Monday 10th February

Important note (edit January 2019): 

If you are interested in a place for school start in August then please apply via our website and we will contact you.

Places still available in our grade 7 class. For immediate start.

Applications for all other grades are processed on a continuous basis and based on availability.  


Asker International School will seek to assist each student to develop to his/her full potential, to become a versatile, effective and responsible citizen of the world.  

We will do this within a secure and stimulating environment, delivering curricular programmes developed and authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), with English as the medium of instruction.

As an international school, we will be committed to fostering international understanding, and an awareness in each student of issues such as peace, freedom, and care of the environment – issues which are of concern to us all as world citizens.


 **Important reminders**

  • Please collect your child at the main entrance of the school. Please wait opposite the entrance, not right by the door,otherwise you will obstruct the exit. If everyone sticks to this then we have a better overview of the children.

  • End of school times: Monday and Tuesday:15:30, Wednesday and Thursday 14:45 (MYP finish 15:30 on Wednesdays), Friday finish 12:15 (staff planning until 15:40).

  • Please use the marked areas for pedestrians on the left and right. This may not seem important now but will become more-so as the year progresses and the evenings get darker. 

  • Please have indoor shoes and rain clothes for your child. We will be going out most days in most weather. We are rarely indoors at break time. Indoor shoes are also important for when we have a fire drill, as children cannot stop to gather shoes/clothing.

  • Please check the school webpage frequently, especially the class blogs and news section. Save the path to your favourites on your phone. If there is information missing please let us know. Equally if there is anything you think might be nice to have.


What's New!

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This week, AIS was filled with celebrations of the Chinese New Year. These were led by the MYP students who had spent lots of days planning enjoyable and ...

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Happy Chinese New Year 2019!

Yet another wonderful Chinese new year celebration at Asker International School. Miss Zhe, our resident Mandarin language teacher, worked tirelessly ...

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Battle Ball in the MYP

This week at AIS, Grade 8 students took part in a teacher vs student battle ball competition. This is in connection with their service which is to raise m...

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Making masks in the MYP

This week in Art in the MYP, Grade 6 students researched about masks from different cultures to create their own unique mask inspired by a culture with a ...

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Homes and debates in the PYP

The third week of 2019 brought new challenges, debates and lots of learning to AIS! Here is a little bit of what’s been going on in the PYP:  Studen...

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Welcome 2019

A new year begins and at AIS the first week of 2019 was already a busy one. All classes from Grades 3-5 will be having music lessons with a range of diffe...

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