P.E. at AIS

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At AIS we believe Physical Education should be designed with inclusivity at its core; to help students develop an active body and mind and to become lifelong learners who are prepared for the world of tomorrow.

Our PE Curriculum 

- Develops movement skills

- Demonstrates the IB learner profiles 

- Accessible to all, PE should be inclusive

- Not based on winning but improving

Extra curricular activities

-Sports leader programme

-Cross country


-Under 8’s day & MYP sports day


-PE health week


-Hop for heart

-Morning sports clubs

AIS Sports Leader

What is the AIS Sports Leader program?

The Sports Leader program is a way for students to develop leadership skills that they will be able to utilise throughout their life, while also giving students alternative opportunities in sport, rather than focusing solely on performing. They pass through each stage from Grade 5 to Grade 8 learning the fundamental skills of being a leader, before having the option to take part in the AIS Sports Coach award in Grade 9.

What are the benefits of this program?

-Develops students’ leadership, organisation and communication skills

-Improves their confidence

-Employment opportunities when they leave school

-Giving back to the school and wider community

-Becoming a role model for other students

-The chance to change someone’s life for the better 

PYP P.E. Lessons

Our PE lessons in the Primary Years Program focuses on students developing the essential skills to become an active participant in the whole school community. Our PE lessons are integrated into the class units to allow the students to link multiple subjects and concepts together. Many of our lessons will focus on the learner profile, aiming to develop caring and knowledgeable students, who are able communicators that not afraid to take risks. 

MYP P.E. Lessons

Alongside the more traditional sports that many schools and curriculums focus on, we at AIS like to do things a little differently. Our students will take part in a wide variety of sports that challenge their minds and bodies in a multitude of ways. At AIS students take part in some of these lesser known/practiced activities:




-Modified games (games for people with special needs)

-Flag football


-Touch rugby

What do our students think?

In PE we do a variety of sports, like floor hockey, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball and even Quidditch!


At AIS in PE the teachers encourage us to do things out of our comfort zones.  


PE teachers show us the other side of sports or activities that you may have not liked and show that it can be interesting and engaging.


PE at AIS is skill-learning and develops your thinking skills and how to respect others around you.


PE is a very fun refresher subject when you get tired from sitting on a seat the whole day. Teachers give loads of opportunities for children to express themselves, and there is always something fun to do.


PE helps me gain a better understanding of games that I didn't know or didn't fully understand. The teachers are very thorough when explaining and listen to us when we have feedback.



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