Chinese New Year

The MYP students led a fantastic Chinese New Year celebration at our school.

Our celebration was graced by special guests, including Mayor Lene Conradi of Asker Kommune, Mr. Chang Quansheng, First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy, and Mr Li Hui, Second Secretary of the Chinese Embassy.

A big thank you goes to Mr. Chang Quansheng for bringing delicious Chinese snacks and thoughtful gifts, enhancing the overall joy of our celebration. We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone involved for making this celebration a remarkable showcase of cultural diversity, fostering understanding, embracing traditions, and creating lasting memories.

The assembly featured captivating performances, including the enchanting "Dance of the Lunar Dragon" and a soulful "Violin Performance - New Year song 'Mo Li Hua.'" The exceptional skills of our students were showcased through acts like "Mulan: A Short Play" and "Keyboard Performance - A Well-known Chinese Song 'Yi Jian Mei.'" The event also included a delightful "Chinese Zodiac Story Puppet Show and Interactive Play," bringing the tales of the Chinese zodiac to life. Beyond the stage, the joyous atmosphere extended to six cultural stations, offering hands-on experiences of various Chinese New Year traditions to PYP students, from crafting firecrackers to engaging in traditional Chinese games.


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