Pictures from the first two weeks in MYP

A little bit of news that has already been shared on facebook. Below are a couple of photos showing some of the activities students have been engaged in since the start of school 

In performing Arts! Grade 6 they are working on Global perspectives and dramatization. They are rehearsing historical moments of the first decade in the 20th Century, such as:

First flight by the Wright brothers 
Henry Ford's 1st car model (Model-T) 
Kodak introduced the 1st camera model
Life of William McKinley
Life of Theodore Roosevelt


Grade 6 have been working hard developing their practical skills in science. Last week they have been using the new electric heaters and thermometers and have gathered data, calculated means and plotted graphs.


In grade 9,  students dramatised some of the events that occurred in the 20th Century. First, they had to watch a video and after that, they had to create a short scene. 

In grade 8, they continued on with playing non traditional games. Students participated in an action fuelled game of Ultimate Frisbee. As part of their summative assessment students must continually reflect on their team performance focusing on team cohesion and the use of interpersonal skills.


 In Design, Grade 9 have been set the challenge to create SumoBots, using the school's Lego Mindstorm kits. Their final creations will do battle against each other, with aim to push the other out of a circular ring. 
They continued their inquiry by learning how to program touch sensors.




New clubs and more at AIS

school club


We are planning on expanding the provision of clubs that will be facilitated in the school over the next year. Teachers will start contributing 6-week clubs at different grade levels at different times during the year. 

These clubs will include, but are not limited to: 
Latin studies
French morning club
Presentation skills
And more...
3-4 clubs will run per half term for different grade levels. These will be a free extra provision. More information will follow. 
The school also continues to expand facilities both inside and out. We are always trying to make the next school year a development on the previous, even though we face challenges with expansion and facilities. 
This year, we have a lovely new section for the senior students, with two new classrooms, locker room, a common room and a new office for the deputy principal to keep an eye on them! 
We will continue to grow and aspire to reach for our school vision - to develop global citizens for the world of tomorrow!

Parent Information Evening

All students are returning on 14th August and in preparation for the year ahead, we will have a parent information evening for all parents on Thursday 17th August at 17:00. Anticipated run-time: 2 hours. 

The evening will be: 

1. An initial welcome from the principal, an introduction to staff - auditorium.
2. A brief overview of the IB
3. A brief overview of the school's development plan
4. Classroom meetings

The objectives of the classroom meetings are: 

1. To meet the teachers
2. To familiarise yourself with the school building
3. To appoint class representatives in each group
4. To discuss classroom routines with the teachers of each grade level. 
5. To meet the other parents

We will start the meeting in the auditorium. When parents arrive at the front door we will usher them in the direction of the auditorium. 

Parking: Please park at the end of the parking area as the front section is reserved. Please do not drive towards the building entrance as parking in this area is prohibited (fire evacuation area). 

This meeting is not for children. SFO will finish at the normal time of 17:00. This is event is also not intended for addressing specific issues/concerns. A separate meeting should be scheduled for this purpose.

Thank you in advance for your attention. We look forward to seeing you at school!


A visitor to grade 4

A visitor to Grade 4

IMG 3153

It was great fun to have Line visit us. She not only gave us an insight into the (long) process of making and publishing a book, she also read aloud from her books, shared stories and described the background of each of her book.

IMG 3141

What is unique with Line is that she not only writes her books, she illustrates them as well. Because of this, the students were also given a drawing course where they learned to use geometrical figures to draw a bird, a spider, and a fly.

The students were very engaged throughout the two lessons, they asked lots of questions, shared ideas and ended the session with asking for Line's autograph. :-)

IMG 3140



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