Dyslexia Awareness Week

This week we will be celebrating our first Dyslexia Awareness Week. There will be an assembly on Monday followed by a workshop for local schools on Thursday. On Friday 15th of November all parents are invited to attend a session on how to support students with dyslexia at home.

During this week's "Technology Free Day", 5B tried a new, drama-based approach to inquiry called "Mantle of the Expert". In this, we co-constructed a world, and then dealt with an imaginary situation - a planned railway tunnel that would cause great disturbance. It was fascinating!

Grade 6 have just started the unit "Life on Planet Earth" and have learned about the 5 kingdoms. It's easy to find evidence of plants, animals and fungi but less easy to spot the protists and prokaryotes around us. We went to the lake in the forest last week to collect some water which we will examine for protists under the microscope this week.



Brazilian Ambassador at AIS

Grade 4 had a very special guest, the Brazilian Ambassador to Norway, George Prata. The reason behind his visit was a letter that was sent to the Brazilian President from a young girl in Grade 4 raising her concerns about the fires in the Amazon. The letter was forwarded to the Ambassador who kindly agreed to come and speak to Grade 4 about the issue.

The students in 3A have conducted an investigation into the amount of force required to pull a car on different surfaces. They used a force meter to measure the force in Newtons. They discovered that pulling the cars on the grass and gravel required the most force, while pulling the cars on the desks required the least amount of force.

There is now a box in the hall where students can write their own goals. We will revisit these goals at the end of the year, everyone is welcome to contribute to this box! 



Greener school

Mr Jonathan and Mr Eric delivered an important assembly based on AIS working towards receiving a Green Flag. We already do quite a lot, but it's important we continue to look for ways to make the school greener. This is a world wide venture designed around students taking ownership of their school and thinking of ways to make their school sustainable. This is a 5-year initiative but we are hoping the entire school community will get behind it. This is our chance to have a positive impact on our school environment.

As a reminder, we will be celebrating UN Day 2019 on Thursday 24th October. This year’s theme is Greening the Blue. Our task is to take self driven action surrounding the UN theme (Greening the Blue). 



Autumn break in SFO

Last week, the school was closed for the autumn break but we were lucky to have SFO. All the kids were very excited about the things we would do in SFO. 

On Monday, we went to the forest for a long walk, had lunch in the park in Borgen and came back to school. We cut apples and made waffles for all the students. We enjoyed some movie time in school while eating our delicious waffles and apples. 

On Tuesday, we walked down to the Asker Kulturhus to watch a play called Bandi’s verden. It was a one hour show and we laughed a lot. After the show we all sat down to eat our matpakke and also play with big legos and building blocks. We walked back to the school and had quiet afternoon with colouring and reading. 

On Wednesday we colored our ‘Autumn’ picture on the last day. We designed the glass jar pencil holders. It was a fun afternoon with colours and papers. We designed it ourselves. We also took our pictures, collected autumn leaves and created our autumn week display sheet.

And finally the SFO Autumn week came to an end. We all had a lot of fun and got to do so many activities. 

Anvita and Ashmitha, Grade 5



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