Mission & Goals



Developing global citizens for the world of tomorrow

Mission Statement

Asker International School will seek to assist each student to develop to his/her full potential, to become a versatile, effective and responsible citizen of the world. We will do this within a secure and stimulating environment, delivering curricular programmes developed and authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), with English as the medium of instruction.

Beliefs and values

AIS does not wish to impose a particular system of belief on any member of the school: we will aim to create an atmosphere of freedom, tolerance and mutual respect for all forms of belief and non-belief, seeking to emphasize what unites us, and not what divides us. Our emphasis will be on mutual respect: each student is to be encouraged to experience and understand the diversity of cultural, religious and political systems with which they come into contact. As an international school, we will be committed to fostering international understanding, and an awareness in each student of issues such as peace, freedom, and care of the environment – issues which are of concern to us all as world citizens.

Developing each individual

AIS will seek to give the students the means to know who they are as an individual, not only in an intellectual dimension, but also in a moral, social and physical sense. We believe that the most important academic lessons for each young person is to learn how to learn, and to apply what one has learned. At the same time, we recognize the importance of qualifications in the modern world and have a commitment to academic excellence.We believe that an individual must be able to live as a successful member of a community to achieve a balanced life. Our aim is to encourage each student to serve others, and to learn not just from the school community, but also from the wider world.

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