AIS helps Australia!

Lina took action at home by designing a really informative poster on the bushfires in Australia. She presented it to Mr. Andrew on the day of "Plank for Australia" fundraising activity. Well done Lina!

All students were asked to help with donating money towards Australia in regards to the bush fires. The money will go towards the rural fire brigades and for emergency relief to the animals. 

The target of 5000 Kr was passed which means that Mr. Andrew will shave his beard and Mr. Brent has also volunteered to wear something ridiculous for the day. 

The school came together for a whole school plank to show our support. It started in the library with Grade 1 and moved all the way around the school in a continuous line.

What makes our school so amazing is that we really do look outside our own lives and are aware of what is happening in the world around us.



Celebration boxes

Grade 1 presented their Celebration boxes! We had a great time sharing our knowledge about our chosen celebrations. The children paid extra attention to their body language and voice volume and clarity. Well done, Grade 1! See image above. 

Grade 8 hosted Drengsrud Arbeidssenter as part of their unit creating modified games. There were lots of happy faces and great games for the workers. A very big well done to Grade 8.

In 3B we carried out an investigation about 3D shapes. We used nets to construct shapes and then we identified how many faces, edges and vertices they had. We also played a yes/no answer game where we had to guess which shape the other person was thinking of. 



Grade 4 at LEGO competition

Grade 4 took part in the first ever Lego League Junior competition at the Oslo University Technology building. The students had to create a building that was still under construction and they needed to think about how it can be wheelchair accessible as well as environmentally friendly. Great effort by ‘The Royals!’, see image above.

Grade 1 welcomed Mythreyee, one of our parents, as a guest speaker. Mythreyee spoke about Diwali, one of the celebrations Grade 1 is learning about as part of our Celebrations Unit! 

As part of the first ever AIS Dyslexia Awareness Week we hosted a workshop for local schools. It was wonderful to see teachers wanting to do better for their students with dyslexia. A big thank you to all the parents who attended the session on how to support students with dyslexia at home.



Dyslexia Awareness Week

This week we will be celebrating our first Dyslexia Awareness Week. There will be an assembly on Monday followed by a workshop for local schools on Thursday. On Friday 15th of November all parents are invited to attend a session on how to support students with dyslexia at home.

During this week's "Technology Free Day", 5B tried a new, drama-based approach to inquiry called "Mantle of the Expert". In this, we co-constructed a world, and then dealt with an imaginary situation - a planned railway tunnel that would cause great disturbance. It was fascinating!

Grade 6 have just started the unit "Life on Planet Earth" and have learned about the 5 kingdoms. It's easy to find evidence of plants, animals and fungi but less easy to spot the protists and prokaryotes around us. We went to the lake in the forest last week to collect some water which we will examine for protists under the microscope this week.



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