To end our Advertising unit in Grade 4, we focused on sustainable consumerism and Goal 12: Responsible Consumption. For their summative assessment, the students created an advertisement poster printed on recycled paper and held a Sustainability Market for Grade 3s to resell products they no longer use. They managed to raise 3740kr to be donated to charity. Great effort, Grade 4s!

Grade 2 also hosted their Marketplace this week. Grade 1 was invited by the Grade 2’s to visit their Marketplace. The students had a wonderful time learning about what the Grade 2’s had been doing in their unit of inquiry and even got to buy some of the products they had made. Thank you Grade 2 for a fantastic experience. 


Halloween Party

The PYP students were invited to a Halloween party at the school where they enjoyed a spooky evening with their friends. A big thank you to the parent volunteers that provided food, safety and organized the tickets. The event was a big success, especially the haunted house tour organized by the student council. The PYP students definitely received a big fright after discovering the abandoned part of the school where scary teachers lurk in the darkness. 

In connection with our celebration surrounding UN Day, students at AIS had the opportunity to demonstrate action away from school. This was demonstrated by students taking part in a UN Day Bingo challenge which consisted of daily tasks that relate to the Sustainable Development Goals. Some students in the school even managed to accomplish every task within the designated time. We are so impressed with the students' independence, enthusiasm and sheer awareness of how we all need to do our part in order to help each other and our planet. It truly is a great example of how our students are striving to become Global Citizens for the world of tomorrow. Great work AIS!



UN day 2021

This week we celebrated UN day at AIS. The day started with a school-wide assembly where we talked about why this day is important and how we are focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals at AIS. The students and staff dressed up in their traditional clothes from each of their countries. At lunchtime, each class shared a lunch together where every student brought their favorite food from their home country. This day is very special at AIS because it brings together all the different cultures that comprise our school. 

During this week, two Grade 9 representatives took part in a Ung Motivator course in connection with the MOT program. MOT stands for courage and is a program desired to create robust youth while giving students the courage to be themselves. Students came from schools around Oslo and were there to become confident in their new leadership roles. Mathura and Mahan represented the school proudly and we are very excited to continue to build awareness and growth surrounding student well being at AIS.



End of Unit 1

This week marked the end of our first Unit of inquiry. We are very proud of how much the students have worked during the past few weeks and how they have adapted to the many changes that we have experienced. To mark the end of the first Unit, the PYP students showcased their learning on a video that is available for everyone to watch on our Facebook page. 

The Grade 5 students also received an Internet safety talk with Miss Chantale to ensure that they are aware of how to protect themselves and use their devices properly.

AIS PYP Food and Nutrition is the new and exciting lesson where the students will learn about the importance of healthy and sustainable eating habits along with Miss Eleonora. Each class will have the opportunity to visit the kitchen and learn about food preparation and then eat their creations together. Some classes have already started. 4B cooked some lovely vegan desserts with Miss Eleonora in the kitchen.


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