Winter Concert

It was our pleasure to open the door to the AIS parents once again for the Winter Concert after several years of limitations. The students from all grades performed poems, plays, songs and dances which they worked on for many weeks prior to the event.

This event could not take place without the support from the parent council and volunteers running the cake sales, raffles and decorations. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

The Winter Concert was a successful event and we got to see performances from the PYP and MYP students, all the way from a buzzing bee play, to a mystery at IKEA. The students were guided by their teachers and definitely shone on-stage. 



Winter at AIS

At AIS we always encourage students to enjoy the natural surroundings we are lucky to have. They go outside for playtime rain or shine. Please ensure that your children have appropriate clothes to go outside during winter. 

Following their unit on Advertising, Grade 4 students hosted their second annual Sustainability Market promoting Goal 12: Responsible consumption. All proceeds will be donated to the school in Kenya. Grade 4 was able to raise over 5800 NOK! If you would like to contribute to the fundraiser you can still Vipps any amount to this number: 770767.




UN day 2022

The school celebratedUN day on Monday 24th October. The children and staff wore clothes that represented their country and brought in food to share for an international lunch.

We started the day with an Assembly where we talked about the importance of the day with our main topic being “Peace and Prosperity”. 

Our UN Day focus is not only on the Sustainable Development Goals, but also to raise some needed funds for a school in Korogocho, Kenya. Mr Robert has already sent some money to see if it was put to good use. He was very happy to see they made some desks for the students (as you can see in the video here).

Mr Robert also spent a few hours speaking with the principal and the students and he hopes to visit some day, but for now - the focus is to build more classrooms for them.

Please support the school by making a donation to the VIPPS number specified. Every little bit helps.

VIPPS 770767



Cross Country 22

The AIS Cross Country race 2022 was held the 20th of September in the local forest. This year, the students chosen as Sports Leaders were given the opportunity to run the event. Every student in the school was included in the competition which ranged from a short run for the younger children all the way to a 3k run for the older students.

The Sports Leaders were involved in time keeping, motivating and guiding the students around the forest trail. They did their job effectively and enjoyed the day.

Congratulations to all our students for completing this year’s challenge! 



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