Sports at AIS

This has been a big moment for sports at AIS! The 2022 Nordic League JR Badminton Tournament was held at Oslo International School on April 1st & 2nd. Our AIS team returned with the trophy for third place. The students presented outstanding teamwork, wonderful sportsmanship and great performances on the badminton courts. Well done to our team. Thanks to our parent coaches, thank you to Mr Andrew for organizing this event and thanks to our host, OIS, for a wonderful reception! Well done AIS! 

As the PYP Exhibition is fast approaching it's now time for students in Grade 5 to start taking action. Mr Andrew and some G5 boys traveled to Stabekk stadium to meet their football team to talk about racism and equality in sport. A representative from MOT ran the session which was an incredible opportunity for our students to gather important information while also getting the chance to meet their football heroes. We look forward to seeing you at the G5 Exhibition!



Student-led Conferences

We were thrilled to welcome the parents back inside the building for this week’s Student-led Conferences. The conference is a time where the students can showcase their learning through different activities that involve the parents. The conferences went well and many parents were excited to have their first conference after two years. The students were prepared and delighted to be able to introduce their parents to all the interesting things they’ve been learning.

We have also been able to reestablish class breakfasts where the parents and students share a meal while getting to know each other. This is an important tradition that we hope we won’t have to postpone again. 

Finally, we also welcomed back Miss Eleonora and the Food and Nutrition class for both PYP and MYP classes. What an exciting week!



Living Wax Museum

For the current unit, Grade 4 focused on revolutionaries throughout history. A part of the summative assessment task is the living wax museum in which the students have written a biography about a revolutionary of their choice. This week, the students transformed themselves into this historical figure by dressing up and standing in poses around the gym as if they were a wax figure. Each "wax figure" had a red button on their wrist that the patrons could press to make them come to life. 

The museum was a big success and all that attended got to learn about the lives of revolutionaries such as Alexander Hamilton, Petra Herrera and Susan B. Anthony. The Grade 4 students were well prepared and confident in their presentations. Well done Grade 4! 



Norwegian Essays

In their Norwegian lessons, Grade 8A have been working on writing argumentative essays about a topic they are interested in. After brainstorming, researching and polishing off their writing, the students sent in their pieces to the local newspaper Aftenposten. These were positively received and hopefully will be published for many to read! 

The topics covered everything from parental control over e-sports, to whether pineapple belongs on pizza. The students have worked hard and we can’t wait to see their published texts, stay posted on our social media account! 



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