Week 6 at AIS

This week, AIS was filled with celebrations of the Chinese New Year. These were led by the MYP students who had spent lots of days planning enjoyable and educational activities for the PYP students. 

The grade 1's took part in various workshops which the MYP students led. It was a lot of fun!

Grade 4 had a great time having the MYP students come and do activities on Chinese New Years with them, see picture above. 

In their forest walk, Grade 1 didn’t let a bit of snow stop them... their challenge this week was to get to the forest as there were mounds of snow on the way. Then they had lots of fun in all the beautiful fresh snow.

Service at AIS - big congratulations to grade 8 for making / selling pancakes for the school to raise money for MOT. This is an organisation that helps teens make the right lifestyle choices. Thank you to all the students that supported this great cause, lots of pancakes were sold and the kids did not mind having to queue in the snow. 



Happy Chinese New Year 2019!

Yet another wonderful Chinese new year celebration at Asker International School. Miss Zhe, our resident Mandarin language teacher, worked tirelessly to prepare all the boys and girls in our MYP section. We started the day with a lovely assembly with presentations from all the MYP, who then went into our primary section to deliver some content related to the Chinese new year. 

We were also lucky enough to have a representative from the Chinese embassy visit us. He said the student presentation exceeded any expectation he had and thanked us for our work in profiling Chinese language and culture in Norway. 

zhe pic


Battle Ball in the MYP

This week at AIS, Grade 8 students took part in a teacher vs student battle ball competition. This is in connection with their service which is to raise money for a Norwegian organisation called MOT which helps people make the right lifestyle choices. Both teams battled it out while other students cheered on both teams. The score was 2 - 1 to the students but both teams put in a gutsy performance. Not only did they have fun but they also raised a lot of money for a good cause. See the image above. 

Grade 1 were lucky to welcome Susanne into school this week and she shared lots of her Space knowledge with them. The children loved having an expert to answer all their questions. They all learned so much.

Grade 4 has been working on solving two step word problems. This week they played 'Mathlympics' where the students had to work together and teach one another how to solve the problems. Once they were finished they had to show their answer and each person had to be able to explain how they got it. A correct answer earned a house point and advanced them to the next question. Fun was had by all!

Tomorrow, we will celebrate Chinese New Year and the Grade 10 students will teach the PYP students to make a Chinese knot bracelet they have learned. They have been practising to prepare for this event. 



Making masks in the MYP

This week in Art in the MYP, Grade 6 students researched about masks from different cultures to create their own unique mask inspired by a culture with a mask tradition of their choice. This week, the students started to make a paper mache model, see above. 

In Maths, Grade 10 has been solving quadratic equations to find the x-intercept using different techniques and using GeoGebra to check how the equation looks.

In Maths, Grade 7 has taking inspiration from the book “If the world were a 100 people” to investigate a country and make a poster. This week they presented their poster with many interesting facts such as, “if the the US was a village of a 100 people, then 37 people would have a dog”. 

5B have been investigating forces using a pendulum. They were investigating whether changing the weight at the end of a pendulum would make it swing faster. To everyone's surprise, it made no difference at all!

Students from Grade 6 and 7 joined Grade 2 to learn new coding skills with Scratch. There was great collaboration and the students loved learning from each other.


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