Application process

How does the application process work?

After you submit your application, your name and that of your child will be registered in the system. Essentially, the application is an expression of interest. You will then receive a contract in the post and when the contract has been returned signed to the school your child's place in the school will be confirmed.

What is our admissions process?

(Updated as of December 2016) The Board of Asker International School has adopted the following criteria for admission to the school:

1 The school is open to all children school age .

2 If the number of applicants exceeds the school's capacity , the following groups of students are given priority :

a. The children of staff

b. Siblings of current enrolled students.

c. Former students of Asker International School that have been to school outside Norway for at least 6 months. (updated September 2020)

d. application date.

Applications will be given a score 0-15.

Applicants will be asked to indicate on the application if they meet one or more criteria in 

Section 2

Application deadline for the upcoming school year is now December 1st - for example, the application for 2017 is December 1st 2016. After this date, we will send out contracts based on the criteria specified above. After this date, there will be a continuous admission until the classes reach a capacity of 20 students. AIS will accept new students as long as capacity allows. Students will go on a waiting list after capacity is reached. 

When contracts are sent out from December 1st, there will be an enrollment fee of 2000NOK. This will later be deducted from the annual school fee.

How many students can be enrolled in each class?
There is a cap of 20 students in each class. We will not be expanding our class sizes as the school grows. We believe that having a maximum of 20 students allows for a more positive pedagogical environment.

Can Norwegian students apply or is it just for international recruits?
The school is an all-inclusive school environment.

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