A new year

We started a new year with well-rested students who are ready to go!

In Grade 4, the students created a class vocabulary wall consisting of words from our unit. They wrote the definition, part of speech, created a sentence using the word as well as drew a picture that represented the word. A great point of reference for the next 7 weeks!

To inquire into our new unit, the students in 5A came up with questions about migration to put on our wonder wall.

In 3A, we're looking at explorers. This  week, we listened the Czech composer Dvorak's "From the New World" symphony. He wrote it while feeling homesick in New York, and we thought about what it made us feel, or what it reminded us of.

We will continue the testing and follow any government guidelines as they come up. 



Science and Art MYP

This year the Grade 6 students have worked hard to create a Norwegian Endangered Species Calendar as a part of their Science and Visual Arts classes. Their aim is to create awareness for these threatened species and to raise money for Naturvernforbundet who work to protect these animals.

The Calendars contain original artwork by our students and information pertaining to each of the species via a QR code.

The students sold the calendars for 200kr with proceeds going towards Naturvernforbundet.

AIS is marking the  International Day for People with disabilities by raising awareness within the PYP, looking at what we mean by disability. MYP students had an assembly on Monday to discuss how people with disabilities are viewed and included within our community. 



AIS is proud to have received the Miljøfytårn certification. This week, Miss Mya and Mr Mark joined Mayor Lene Conradi at Asker Rådhus to receive the certificate and share ideas. This is an ongoing effort that requires the whole school community to come together and contribute. 

Three groups from Grade 4 had the opportunity to represent AIS and participate in the Cargo Connect LEGO League Jr competition in Oslo on November 13th. They presented their innovative vehicle designs to the judges in order to change the way we transport cargo. It was a great day that ended in each group receiving a medal.




To end our Advertising unit in Grade 4, we focused on sustainable consumerism and Goal 12: Responsible Consumption. For their summative assessment, the students created an advertisement poster printed on recycled paper and held a Sustainability Market for Grade 3s to resell products they no longer use. They managed to raise 3740kr to be donated to charity. Great effort, Grade 4s!

Grade 2 also hosted their Marketplace this week. Grade 1 was invited by the Grade 2’s to visit their Marketplace. The students had a wonderful time learning about what the Grade 2’s had been doing in their unit of inquiry and even got to buy some of the products they had made. Thank you Grade 2 for a fantastic experience. 


ASKER International School

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