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What do we hope you find when you spend a day at Asker International School? We asked the same question to our two curriculum coordinators to see what they would say. Have a read below!


"A typical day in the PYP is busy, engaging and alive with connections and possibilities. Following the Norwegian convention of 45 minute lessons, there is little time to waste, especially when the children may be taught by several specialist teachers in a day. The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is transdisciplinary, meaning that we try to 'join the dots' of learning to create meaningful connections across different subjects. Inquiring into Polar explorers, for example, can mean learning about compass directions, distances and negative numbers to measure temperature in Maths. At the same time, Science focuses on melting, freezing and experimenting to find the best thermal insulators; Art develops cool colours to paint Arctic landscapes. We aim to offer a balanced programme which covers the necessary skills and knowledge required by the Norwegian authorities, as well as the requirements of the International Baccalaureate. 

Our days are filled with thinking and open-minded inquiry. As far as we can, we want lessons to focus on students constructing knowledge for themselves, asking the questions they are curious about and taking responsibility for finding good answers. When children adjust and grow into this way of learning, teachers become more like guides, creating learning situations where those wonderful "lightbulb" moments can take place. We constantly adapt to the needs of the children, assessing their competences in basic skills, adjusting our teaching and calling in extra support when required. No child is the same as any other, no class is the same as any other. Why should our teaching remain unchanged?"
Mr. Jonathan, PYP Coordinator and grade 4 teacher
THE MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAMME, GRADES 6 TO 10 (Currently up to grade 9)
myp1"First lesson rolls around and what does the timetable read? It there a double design session exploring new technologies, or will students be heading to the gym for P.E? Maybe they’ll be extending their knowledge in language learning, whether it be English, Norwegian, Mandarin or Spanish. Are they off to the Science Lab and continuing on new experiments? What new Maths challenges might they be presented with? Or is it time to ready a new performance or a new creative challenge in the Arts?

Regardless, the day will come and it will fast go. Teachers will present new challenges and students will develop new skills. Student-centred classrooms will ensure that curiosity builds and that both critical and creative thinking is needed. The expectations will be set high and students will want to meet them. They know they own the responsibility for their learning. Knowledge will grow as students communicate, collaborate and investigate across the disciplines. Connections will be made as different concepts are explored. Groups and individuals will work through the varying tasks tailored to their learning needs. Inclusiveness will be evident and friendships thriving. Another day in the MYP classroom awaits."

Mr. Brent, MYP Coordinator, Design and Individual and Societies teacher, grade 8 tutor 

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