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Our latest addition to our blogging madness is a newly-posted SFO/After-school services blog. Miss Natalie has been working very well with the students and they are very busy with their current project of building a model city. 

We are very much looking forward to the final assembly and reveal on our official opening day. Good work boys and girls! And Miss Natalie also! 

You can find a link to our SFO blog on under the tab for 'life at AIS', or copy the link below.


Assembly on Bullying

As part of our internal effort to prevent the growth of bullying we had our first assembly on the topic today, Monday 16th September.

It is not only very important that students identify what is bullying, but also what is not. We discussed this at length today between the two videos listed below. It was very interesting to see what students were classifying as bullying. In conclusion we agreed the most effective approach is to be caring to one another. That failing, students agreed that it was important to talk to a teacher or an adult if they experienced anything. 

To open on a light note we chose a short video and song from the muppet show: 


Following on from this we discussed the central theme of the assembly and presented some certificates to the students. Then we watched the following video from Unicef and south asia:



A meeting with the Mayor

radhus Asker

The school board, school administration and parent representative were grateful to be invited to a luncheon with Mayor Lene Conradi, Councillor Lars Bjerke and Head of School Services Jo Fiske.

We had a very productive meeting. Principal Robert Browne provided a brief update on the school's development over the past 3 weeks. The group discussed many factors related to the school, including the developmental plans of the general area surrounding the school over the next 10 years and that of the building itself.

Two topics discussed at length were facilities and the growth and expansion of the school. It was agreed that the principal would submit a strategic plan for the development and expansion of the school. In line with this, the representatives of Asker Kommune stated they would endeavour to work with our strategic plan to ensure the growth of the school.

The lack of gym facilities was also discussed. We were delighted to hear that Asker Kommune had not only reflected on this but were actively working to put a solution in place in the near future. This was very positive news indeed.

The meeting itself was a clear sign of commitment from Asker Kommune and its representatives Lene Conradi, Lars Bjerke and Jo Fiske. Asker Kommune has always been and continues to be committed to the development of Asker International School.

We would like to take this opportunity to again thank Lene, Lars and Jo for investing their time and energy in this school project. The future growth of the school is secure and promising.



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