First day at School

The first day of school transitioned quite smoothly, considering there were so many new variables. We had to make some changes during the day, however we feel the children had a good first day, which was our main objective. 
We had to make some minor adjustments to the timetable. No change to the start or end of day, however we changed the morning break and extended the lunch break. We did this in an effort to prevent any overlap on the playground - and it went well. The new revised timetable is available on the school webpage - (when on the webpage, click the icon on the top left of the timetable to switch viewing options).
End of school went quite well also and I would like to thank you all for adhering to the new traffic regulations as stipulated by the municipality. We would gladly have parents gathered inside awaiting their children, however this is not practical for 100+ people. So please adhere to this new system. I believe it is safe and pragmatic. On this note, please remember two points: 
  • Collect your child on the left-hand-side of the fence (looking down toward the school entrance) - the right-hand corridor may have a lot of traffic and it is hard to keep an overview of the children. 
  • Walk in the marked areas on the left or right-hand-side (if we all embrace this routine, then the children will follow our example -some take the bus and some walk home. If they see adults walking anywhere they will follow our example). Equally please remind children to take care if you see them crossing the road anywhere in an unsafe manner. 
The only time period we are not sure about is the morning period, as we usually go outside from 08:30-08.45. While we are observing the flow of people and deciding what works best this first week, please pay attention for any signs on the front door indicating any update in procedure on any given day this week. 
Thank you in advance for your support

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