First day back - what to know!

Dear parents, 

A big welcome back to you and your children to Asker International School. We are very excited about this, our second year and hope you are all too. 
The building has been in a major state of transition and as such we had to strip down and restructure all the classrooms and the school these last few weeks. This has caused a delay in information being communicated and the manner in which it is communicated. I apologise for this. 
Our main priority has been ensuring that our classes and teachers are, as much as possible, ready for the first day. 
We would normally have a larger affair and a whole school assembly on the first day, however there will be too many people and too many variables to make this a good idea in the first week. As specified below, we will have a parent meeting in the second week once we have had an opportunity to revise procedures and ensure they are at their optimal.  
In this interim period, please consult our webpage for the information you need and if anything is not clear please let us know. 
Please ensure the following information is clear to you and anyone else in your family who needs access to this information. 
Thank you in advance for your support, your patience and your continued enthusiasm. I hope you will help us make our second year even more successful than our first.  

First day, Monday 18th August 2014


Please read the following information very carefully


Doors open from: 07:30

Doors close: 17:00

Teaching starts at: 08:50

Teaching ends15:30 – COLLECTION TIME


Ideally, students are present 10 minutes before teaching start time. 


Collection point: Fence located in the playground area separating traffic and pedestrians (information provided separately).


Normal classes will take place from the first day - The first two lessons are with the class teacher and will cover important information like class rules, timetables, other expectations.


We would normally have a welcome assembly, however there are many new routines and people in the building so we will not have this event this year.


Parent evening – There will be a parent information evening in the second week, not the first week. This is because there are many new procedures and people. We need a week to ensure routines are working before we communicate further to the parents.


Children are to come directly upstairs in the morning. We will not be going out in the morning. We will not be lining up outside on the first day.


A normal lunch is to be provided by the parents. We ask parents to pack a healthy lunch. Sweets and treats are only to be provided on special events such as birthdays and other school/class celebrations.


Forms will be sent out to parents during the first week, however please notify us by mail if your child has an allergy.


Please notify if your child is allowed to travel home alone.

Written consent from parents must be provided for children cycling to school from below grade 4.


Yours sincerely, 

Robert Browne, 



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