Assembly on the circle of kindness


On Monday, 14th October we had an assembly on the importance of communication and how good deeds and acts of kindness can lead to a kind act being passed on. 

If parents wish to discuss what we talked about at home, there is a nice video on you tube that summarises the story below. The story is about the importance of a simple smile:


One day, a young girl was walking with her family in the park when a man came towards them. She thought he looked very sad. The little girl gave the man a big smile as he walked by and the smile seemed to make him feel better. It reminded him of a friend who had once been kind to him, so, that evening, he wrote the friend a thank you letter. 

the friend was very pleased to get the thank you letter and it put him in such a good mood that he left a large tip for the waiter who served him his lunch. After work, the waiter walked out of the restaurant and gave a few coins to a man on the street.

the man was really grateful because, for two days, he’d had nothing decent to eat. After he finished his dinner, the man went back to where he was staying. On the way, in the cold and pouring rain, he picked up a shivering puppy that had been abandoned and took him home for the night until he could take him to a shelter in the morning.That night, the house where he was staying caught fire. The puppy barked and barked, waking everyone up, and saved them all from harm.  




World Mental Health Day


Verdensdagen sommerfugl
On the 10th of October more than 100 countries recognise world mental health day. In Norway this is known as 'verdensdagen for psykisk helse'. 

As such this will be a central theme in the school. In Monday assembly we will be discussing what the term mental health means and what impacts our well-being. 
We will also be using our house sessions on Monday and Tuesday to get the students to individually and collaboratively discuss what are important factors in a school environment. 
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SFO-Blog now activated

Our latest addition to our blogging madness is a newly-posted SFO/After-school services blog. Miss Natalie has been working very well with the students and they are very busy with their current project of building a model city. 

We are very much looking forward to the final assembly and reveal on our official opening day. Good work boys and girls! And Miss Natalie also! 

You can find a link to our SFO blog on under the tab for 'life at AIS', or copy the link below.


Assembly on Bullying

As part of our internal effort to prevent the growth of bullying we had our first assembly on the topic today, Monday 16th September.

It is not only very important that students identify what is bullying, but also what is not. We discussed this at length today between the two videos listed below. It was very interesting to see what students were classifying as bullying. In conclusion we agreed the most effective approach is to be caring to one another. That failing, students agreed that it was important to talk to a teacher or an adult if they experienced anything. 

To open on a light note we chose a short video and song from the muppet show: 


Following on from this we discussed the central theme of the assembly and presented some certificates to the students. Then we watched the following video from Unicef and south asia:



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