First day of School

Welcome to the school year 2015/2016!!
We are currently expanding the school in to a new section and as such our reception and main entrance will be at the very front of the building
All children are to be delivered to the main entrance in the morning. 
All the children are to be collected at the main entrance - please wait on the opposite side of the road as we need to exit all children through the main entrance safely. If this entrance is blocked by parents the we will not be able to exit safely
Normal school start time, Monday 17th August at 08:50 for all grades except grade 1
Normal finish time Monday 17th August at 15:30 for all grades except grade 1
SFO - After-School Services  Will operate from Monday for all grades except grade 1. Grade 1 can enrol in SFO from Tuesday. 
We would ask parents, if at all possible, to minimise SFO/after-school services especially for the young children as they get especially tired during the first few days.

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