New York on Display in Asker

We have been very fortunate to receive on loan a selection of oil paintings which will be on display on 25th May for our open day.

These have been kindly donated from a friend and colleague, Roman Scott, who drove 400km to deliver the paintings to the door.


Grades 1-5 teachers Recruited

Teachers for grades 1-5 have now been recruited. We are currently notifying all candidates of our decision. We would like to thank everyone for their interest and their applications. We will be keeping many of these candidates on file as we will be expanding the school on a yearly basis and more positions will be created during this process.

It has been difficult to choose from such a wealth of experience, however we feel our selected teachers posess the energy and drive to carry the school forward. You can read about two of our selections in this months newsletter. Information about the other teachers will follow in the May edition of the school newsl


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