Wax Museum and World Book Day

At the start of Unit 4, the Grade 4 students were given agency and had a chance to choose from a number of revolutionaries. They knew they were going to be doing the Living Wax Museum as a summative assessment task. They knew they had to research their chosen revolutionary using reliable sources and cross-referencing their information. They also had to prepare a costume. 

The Living Wax Museum gave the students an opportunity to showcase the information they researched and to impart that information to the AIS community. They stood still, they had a button on their clothing and when the button was pressed, they came to life, became their respective characters and delivered their autobiography.  

It was an amazing event and we are extremely proud of them.

WaxMuseum23 10

At AIS we celebrated World Book Day in the PYP with an activity-filled day where the students and teachers dressed up as their favourite characters. The Grade 5 students prepared book-themed activities for the other grades which included writing and reading stories. Then, the teachers had a relay in which they swapped classes to read some exciting stories.

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