Science Fair

The first AIS science fair went off with a bang (literally, thanks to the hydrogen balloons). Grade 7 deserve huge congratulations for their hard work and enthusiasm. They were the undisputed stars of the day. Not only does it take stamina to stand and present for almost 4 hours straight, but they maintained their roles as IB learners throughout, sharing their knowledge, demonstrating their thinking and being inquirers, risk takers and communicators. Grade 10 also deserves recognition and thanks. 

They stayed after school two days running to set up and clear away and the science fair couldn't have happened without them. It's really wonderful to see our oldest students giving up their free time to support younger students in this way, they did a fantastic job. We'd also like to thank all the parents who came to show their support and we're only sorry we didn't have the energy to keep going for longer. Well done grade 7! We're proud of you. Miss Natasha and Miss Elizabeth.

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