Goodbye PYP

To celebrate the completion of the PYP Exhibition and to say goodbye to the PYP, the Grade 5 students were invited to a sleepover at the school. The night was filled with excitement and all the students had a marvelous time. The Grade 5s had worked very hard on their exhibition and demonstrated all the knowledge they had learned throughout the PYP years. Now, they are ready to start a new adventure in the MYP, good luck! 


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The Munch Museum has been closed. However, Grade 8 students at Asker International School have shared their versions of his works this school year, being knowledgeable on the topic after researching about it during their Norwegian lessons. The topic of Edvard Munch was chosen to integrate learning about Norway's culture and art in Norwegian.

The new Munch museum was scheduled to open, as this got postponed the students will visit it next school year. The students learned about him, his autobiography, his changing styles of painting, what he has contributed with to art history and about the famous thefts of his paintings. They learned techniques to tell if a painting is good or not, and they chose their own summative assessments; creating a play on his painting and connected stories, and finally to make their own copy of one of his paintings and write a descriptive text based on what they see and feel only, no sources allowed. This was a challenging and fun activity. 




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