It gets better

Thank you AIS community for your support during these weeks, it has been sincerely appreciated. This is just a polite reminder that if your child is showing symptoms relating to Covid please do not send them to school. Please arrange to have a test and keep the child at home until they receive a negative test result. If you (the parent) are also showing symptoms then also make sure that your child/children remain at home until you have received a negative test result. Siblings must also remain at home if someone in your household is in quarantine. Thank you for your continued support. Remember, it gets better! 

Miss Helene and Mr Simon will be running a Zoom information session on MOT. The session will begin at 15:30 on Thursday April 15th and will run for 30 minutes. This has only been offered to parents who have children from G7-10. To access the meeting please use the link below and the teacher running the session will admit you into the meeting once it begins.


ASKER International School

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