Chinese New Year

It is Chinese New Year Celebration Week at AIS! The week has had a great start, with a fantastic Chinese New Year assembly featuring all our MYP students. The celebration was a part of our Chinese language program, combined with cultural aspects in craft, art, and performances from each grade level in MYP. The school was filled with festive spirit as all students watched the MYP New Year performance videos and PYP students had great fun doing several enjoyable activities related to the Chinese New Year. Even with some restrictions related to Covid 19, MYP students were still actively engaged, independently creating their performances of dance, song, and plays. During our Chinese New Year celebration, they confidently demonstrated many IB Learner Profile attributes as they expressed themselves creatively in many ways and in more than one language. The Chinese New Year celebration helps to foster students' inquiry and make their learning authentic. A big thanks to all MYP students for making this event a great success at AIS. Excellent Job, MYP. 


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