No 1 in Maths!

We are very proud of our 2020 Grade 5 students, pictured above, who scored No 1 in Maths amongst international schools in Norway in the Nasjonal Prøver they took earlier this year. Congratulations to the PYP team (and it is a whole team effort). A lot of graft has been done in an effort to improve provision and coverage. 

The students are mostly students who have completed their primary education at Asker International School, which is why the outcome is important (we are a new school, only 7 years old). Not only that, we had to go through an evaluation with the International Baccalaureate in October this year (every 5 years), not to mention all the Covid hassle. Ergo the extra pride in the team and the kids. They've worked their socks off and it should be celebrated. 

We also wish all the families celebrating Diwali this weekend a very happy celebration!


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