Brazilian Ambassador at AIS

Brasil Brasil

Grade 4 had a very special guest, the Brazilian Ambassador to Norway, George Prata. The reason behind his visit was a letter that was sent to the Brazilian President from a young girl in Grade 4 raising her concerns about the fires in the Amazon. The letter was forwarded to the Ambassador who kindly agreed to come and speak to Grade 4 about the issue.

The students in 3A have conducted an investigation into the amount of force required to pull a car on different surfaces. They used a force meter to measure the force in Newtons. They discovered that pulling the cars on the grass and gravel required the most force, while pulling the cars on the desks required the least amount of force.

There is now a box in the hall where students can write their own goals. We will revisit these goals at the end of the year, everyone is welcome to contribute to this box! 


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