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Grade 3's unit on healthy lifestyles is in full swing. We have created some healthy and balanced food plates, taken action by advising people on the importance of hygiene and stopping the spread of germs as well as being Scientists and testing how germs affect the food we eat, here is a picture of our bread experiment. 

Research is well underway in Grade 7 science lessons. As part of our unit on atoms, elements and compounds, we are taking a closer look at some of the elements on the periodic table. Each student is preparing their own presentation to explain the costs and benefits of one element, answering questions such as: what have helium or titanium ever done for us? What environmental and social problems are caused by our massive consumption of lithium and cobalt? Why does roentgenium not exist in nature? and what is radioactivity anyway?

AIS teachers are learning too! We started our first book club with "Inquiry Mindset" by Trevor Mackenzie and Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt. We started by sharing what we already think about inquiry learning with pipe cleaners. Then we read chapters of the book in groups and shared our notes with each other. At the end we wrote goals for ourselves on post-it notes and stuck them up for everyone to see.#inquirymindset #askerislearning


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