Peacelympics at AIS

AIS hosted another fantastic Peacelympics. Grade 6 did a wonderful job running all of the stations while all students actively participated in 19 different events. Thank you to our parent volunteers (Kyle and Mette) and all our teachers for getting involved and having fun. Special thanks to Ranjani for taking all of the amazing photos, as pictured above. 

In 4B we wrapped up our learning on the Apartheid by having Miss Angie do a Q&A session about what it was like growing up in South Africa. The students asked some great questions and enjoyed expanding their knowledge and understanding.

In learning about Helen Keller, the Grade 2 students learned how she communicated even though she was blind and deaf. To help the students to understand how difficult it was for her to communicate when she was blind and deaf, they completed a fun activity outside in which they had to work in partners to navigate from one side of the playground to the other. To understand what it was like to be blind and deaf, one of the partners was blindfolded while the other partner could not speak. They had to problem solve how they could communicate without sight or hearing. This really helped them empathise with Helen Keller and understand the importance of communication.


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