Drama and Under 8's Day

Grade 4 took to drama to explore their new unit. They did an activity called ‘hot seating’ where the students had to transform into a person that was affected by a conflict between two fictitious countries. They then had to improvise to answer questions from their peers which gave the students different perspectives from the people involved.

Under 8's Day was a huge success due to Grade 6 taking complete ownership of the event. Grade 6 students were organised, enthusiastic, supportive and caring. Grade 1 and 2 had an awesome day and left with huge smiles on their faces. Thank you to all the teachers and parent volunteers for your support. 

In connection with their survival unit Grade 8 had a visit from Anne Lise (parent) who led a presentation on essential first aid. Being a registered nurse Anne Lise was able to share her knowledge in an interesting manner while giving the students skills that could potentially save a life. Thank you Anne Lise. 


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