Science in the MYP

In Science this week, Grade 9 started to prepare for their summative assessment by tracking the progress of an enzyme-controlled reaction. We measured how well amylase (the enzyme in saliva) breaks down starch at different pHs. Students discovered that amylase works best at neutral or slightly alkaline pHs, see image above. Our next investigation will involve the liver enzyme catalase and seeing how it is affected by temperature. 

Grade 7 have been learning about Body Systems in their current unit and last week they dissected a heart. They saw that the thickness of the walls of the heart is different in different parts of the heart and explored the 4 chambers and valves inside the heart. Very careful and precise dissection skills from the students in our Science class. 

In Art, Grade 6 had the great opportunity to work alongside artist Sophie Rodin and to participate in her Asker-wide book project My Book, My Voice. The core of this project is to create a story based on the drawings they created under the instruction of the artist. A big thanks to Sophie Rodin!


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