Building bridges

We hope everyone is enjoying a well deserved break, here is what’s been going on at AIS during the past few days:

As an introduction to their new maths unit, Grade 9 built bridges of drinking straws. The goal was to build the bridge that could hold the most weight. Would they see the link to the strongest shape? See image above. 

Grade 3B visited Grade 2 this week to teach the students about fractions. The students planned, prepared resources, taught and reflected on their lessons independently. Mr Thomas, Miss Sophie and Mr Matt were extremely pleased to see how organised, patient and professional the Grade 3 "teachers" were and it was great to see lots of enthusiasm and respect from the Grade 2 students.

For our unit about climate change, the students in 4A looked at a case study about flooding in Bangladesh resulting from climate change. The students had to look at the problems that Bangladesh has experienced due to global warming and come up with solutions. Some of the innovative solutions consisted of building raised wells, sewer systems, and houses on stilts.


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