Grade 1 learn about weight

The past few days at AIS, Grade 1 has been learning about weighing. The children have been using different types of scales to weigh things and find out which items are heavier or lighter, they have enjoyed this activity as you can see above. 

Grade 4 has been learning about climate change. The students were set with the task of deciding which country has the biggest impact on carbon emissions in our atmosphere. It was great to hear their discussions and see their predictions. The students were shocked with some of the results once they saw the data. Then in Inquiry, the Grade 4 students worked in groups to focus on a consequence of global warming and create a poster to inform the rest of the class about it. Groups looked at how global warming impacts farmers, homes, food, water, fishing, and beaches.

Grade 9 students have been learning how to tell the time and describe their daily routines in Chinese this week. They have also been working individually to outline their dream day.

Last week, Grade 7 visited Nesbru Omsorgssenter as part of their service learning at AIS. Students represented the school proudly and really benefited from the experience. One of the students shared the day with the entire school during Assembly. Thank you Grade 7 for all your effort!


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