Experimenting at AIS

This week at AIS was filled with experiments. Can an object change from a solid to a liquid? Grade 2 were inquiring into this question with an experiment. First they made predictions. Then they put an object in a clear plastic bag and rubbed it with their hands for 4 minutes. At the end they observed the results and made conclusions. 

Grade 6 boys prepared microscope slides of cheek and onion cells in science, while the girls had a talk from Anette, our helsesøster. Slide preparation takes some skill and care and they all rose to the challenge. They worked independently to focus the microscopes and view the cells. Some students took photographs which show them clearly. 

Grade 4b, had a friendly competition where the students completed a scavenger hunt in order to answer questions on their new unit on climate change. They showed great collaboration and were very engaged. Well done Grade 4!

In PE, the students in Grade 4 are continuing to prepare for their summative assessment which is to create a shelter. Students made mini shelters to prepare / plan about how their shelter would look. Students also played invasion games in the forest, see image above. 

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