Student-led conferences

This week in the PYP the students received their parents in the Student-led Conferences that took place Friday. During the student led conferences, the students were able to share their learning  with their parents. To prepare for the conferences, the students practiced taking each other around to different stations that demonstrated a different piece of learning from this year. Parents and children enjoyed an afternoon of sharing, see image above. 

The beginning of the PYP Exhibition is nearly upon us! Grade 5B, has been drafting (and redrafting) their Lines of Inquiry, based on the Central Idea "The choices we make every day impact our lives, our environment and our earth." Lines of Inquiry give the process a shape and focus. Can't wait to get started!

Grade 5A continued their musical journey, learning to play two different bars in a song. They were also risk-takers as they took part in singing Sia’s ‘Cheap Thrills. 


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