Homes and debates in the PYP

The third week of 2019 brought new challenges, debates and lots of learning to AIS! Here is a little bit of what’s been going on in the PYP: 

Students in Grade 2A and 2B made roofs with different materials for Minions that are moving to Norway. They tested the roofs to check if they are strong and waterproof to cope with the local environment for the unit of inquiry "Where we are in place and time", see above. 

Grade 3 had a wonderful trip to the Fram Museum to learn about Polar exploration, looking at the challenges they faced, their reasons for exploration and the tools they used. It was a fantastic day!

In learning about the American Revolution, Grade 4 conducted a mock trial between the British and the American colonists. During the trial the British and the colonists presented their arguments about whether the British were taxing the colonists unfairly and the student jury had to decide on a verdict. In Art, our Grade 4 students learned how to create an informative poster about a revolutionary and the goals of a revolution. They chose Lenin and symbols of the Russian Revolution for a collaborative exercise. 


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