Welcome 2019

A new year begins and at AIS the first week of 2019 was already a busy one. All classes from Grades 3-5 will be having music lessons with a range of different instruments, using the EC-Play system. Class 3b became the very first formal music class, pictured above. Exciting times!

Grade 6 were introduced to their new Design unit. In this unit, students will be challenged to program a drone to complete an obstacle course.  As an introduction to the unit, Grade 6 learned about rules and safety for flying drones at the school and then each had a turn at flying one.

In Mandarin lessons this week, Grade 7 students have been talking about Beijing opera and learning the meaning of colors used in Beijing opera facial masks. Students have worked on designing a Beijing opera mask for the character role they have chosen.

Grade 8 started their China unit this week - an interdisciplinary unit with English. They started up with looking at different pictures representing China, and the students were creating inquiry geographical questions.   

Grade 8 was introduced to GeoGebra in maths. Hopefully they will see it as a good tool to have during their Coordinate Geometry unit. 

Grade 10 started a new unit this week - European Imperialism: Empire and Expansion. As an opener, they inquired into the idea of Power. Some students collaborated together in a mind map.

What an exciting start to the second half of this school year!


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