Celebrations and coding at AIS

This week at AIS, Grade 1 started with a visit to the forest where they had a great time working together to see if they could make all the numbers from 1-9 whilst using only the materials they could find in the forest. Grade 1 was also lucky to have another parent come in and share how her family celebrates the festival of Pongal. It was wonderful to hear the traditions of this celebration. 

It was a busy week for Design, the Grade 6 students used Scratch coding to create animations promoting a Learner Profile attribute. The Grade 7 students used Google Sketchup to create a 'Dream Room' for a 13 year old. The Grade 8 were challenged to create an Eco-House using Google Sketchup, see featured image.

In maths, the Grade 9 students modelled an experiment of choice, “How much time does it take to eat 1, 5 and 10 pepperkaker?” 

Finally, Soroush from Asker Treningssenter visited AIS to run a session on Crossfit. This is in connection with year 7's unit on Fitness. 

We look forward to the upcoming week, featuring the MYP concert on Wednesday!


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