This week at AIS

This week at AIS we have had engaged students learning about electricity, the local government and how to make slime! Here is a little summary of some of the events happening at AIS during week 45: 

Grade 1 this week had a great time making slime in science. 

Grade 4b promoted their advertisements to Grade 5b. They worked super hard on this unit and they should be very proud of themselves!

As part of Grade 5's work on government systems and decisions, we were received at Asker Rådhus by the mayor, Lene Conradi. After a lot of work on national governments, it was a welcome change of focus to look at local government and how it impacts people's lives. 

Grade 6 & 7 students enjoyed a field trip to the Teknisk Museum. Grade 6 students enjoyed a workshop activity relating to Outer Space and Grade 7 students built and programmed robots to draw. The students also enjoyed some time exploring other areas of the museum.

In Science, Grade 7 have been exploring the mysterious world of static electricity (it can even bend a stream of water). This introduces their new science unit "Electricity". 

Grade 8 students worked on their modified games in preparation for their curriculum service with a local organisation that has special needs employees. Then, they visited a local organisation that employs adults with special needs who work in a variety of fields. This gave them a chance to meet everyone in preparation for their modified games event. 12 adults with special needs visited our school to engage in a variety of activities planned and run by our students. Fun was had by all participants and it was great to see so much enjoyment and enthusiasm in the gymnasium!


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