Welcome back after the Autumn break! Some important updates

Welcome back to Asker International School, if you were not at SFO last week!
We had a very successful and busy start of term this year and enjoyed having the entire building to ourselves. As you know, that is changing next week. Risenga school will be joining us from tomorrow, Monday 08th October.
Our timetables have been structured in advance in collaboration with the principal of Risenga, Mr. Thomas Fredik Ruud, so I dont anticipate any problems there if everyone sticks to the plan. Mr. Ruud has met us on several occasions and has been very cooperative so we hope we will have a good relationship filled with collaborative opportunities. 
With these changes in mind, I ask all parents to be vigilant in how they are delivering their children and to remember the area will be busier from tomorrow. 
There are systems in place. All we require is that all adhere to the system for it to work. If someone else does not, do not join in. It will not improve the system nor emulate the behaviour we wish to see in all members of our school.
Important points to remember are (as mentioned in a mail on 2nd September): 
  1. Follow the traffic flow system in the car park. Do not just stop to let your kids out. Park properly and respect everyone else. 
  2. Cross at the crossing point in front of the gym. I still see people running across the road or worse, telling their children to do so. Please follow this simple rule.
  3. Do not park in the area outside the school. There is a sign clearly stating 'authorised vehicles and deliveries only'. Dropping off or waiting for 'just a second' constitutes stopping. When one person does it, 10 others try. Before 07.30 and after 16:00 is ok, but should be unnecessary. 
  4. Be a role model and an example to all children in your behaviour.
  5. At collection time - do not allow your children to sprint into the roundabout area. There is traffic going to and from the building and the area all day long. 
Thank you in advance for your attention. I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

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