New clubs and more at AIS

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We are planning on expanding the provision of clubs that will be facilitated in the school over the next year. Teachers will start contributing 6-week clubs at different grade levels at different times during the year. 

These clubs will include, but are not limited to: 
Latin studies
French morning club
Presentation skills
And more...
3-4 clubs will run per half term for different grade levels. These will be a free extra provision. More information will follow. 
The school also continues to expand facilities both inside and out. We are always trying to make the next school year a development on the previous, even though we face challenges with expansion and facilities. 
This year, we have a lovely new section for the senior students, with two new classrooms, locker room, a common room and a new office for the deputy principal to keep an eye on them! 
We will continue to grow and aspire to reach for our school vision - to develop global citizens for the world of tomorrow!

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