Phonics training a success

A big thanks goes to our guest coach, Lizzie Williams. Lizzie has bee here with us on Friday 27th and Monday 30th May, running training sessions in phonics for both our staff and parents. 

lizzie2Lizzie running a full day's training session with staff on Friday



Lizzie running a training session for the parents on Monday 30th May

 Lizzie provided a good overview of phonics for all our staff, both TA and teaching staff. Teachers were very engaged on Friday, and although phonics will primarily be delivered in grades 1 and 2, it was a useful exercise for all teachers to see how reading and writing is developed in the younger years. 

On Monday, Lizzie went on to work with parents, explaining how the phonics program worked and informing them how they can help at home, by creating an environment where reading is nurtured and celebrated and a language-rich culture exists. 

Thank you again to Lizzie for her engaging sessions on Friday and Monday!



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