Winter Preparations

cold weather

The winter is soon upon us and we wish to request a few important points, now that our school is growing: 
1. Student were reflector vests/badges/other when coming to school. The roads are dangerous and visibility affected. Remind your children to cross roads carefully, checking properly for oncoming traffic. We will also reinforce this in school.
2. Bring enough warms clothes. A change of socks are always a good thing to have in a locker also. A spare pair of gloves in the locker also, for those wet days. If the children at school, they go out at break times (unless very bad weather). We cant have children unsupervised in the school. The understanding is if they are well enough to be at school, they are well enough to go outside. 
Teachers will be asked to notify parents if students are dressed inappropriately at school.
3. No body boards/snow boards/sleds - The school will purchase some small boards children can share. Last year, many students were allowed to bring boards in, but with so many students in the school we don't have the capacity to store 170 board in the school, not to mention potential accidents. 
Thank you in advance for your attention, 
Robert Browne

ASKER International School

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