A Halloween poem from Emma K, Grade 3

Halloween, by Emma K in Grade 3


Halloween is here!
It's the only night you shall have fear.
Scary ghosts and vampires
Are dancing around big fires.

Ghosts fly hastily around
Being careful not to make a single sound.
Evil fairies fly too
They wait until the ghosts say Booo!

The witch stirs her stew
What she puts in interests you
In go bat droppings, spiders and snake tails too! 
After the witch is done she lets out a big Phew!

She pours her magic stew
Into a bottle and takes her ancient broom
She calls her best groom
He comes running with a comb in his hands.
And as he comes closer he does some handstands.

The comb was full of bugs 
And maybe even slugs!
The witch dirtied her room
And then sat down to her loom.

When the groom was finished
He called his mistress
The witch put on her black dress. 
When she came
The groom told her not to confess. 
What a beautiful mess!

Halloween is here!
It's the only night you shall fear!
The headless rider takes his spear
And pokes you in the rear!! BOOOOOOOO!!!!

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