House Points Standings




The students are all very engaged in the house system and in the awarding of house points. So far we have had two house activities. The first was the Kandinsky project which is on display for parents to see on our international day. 

The second activity was a general knowledge quiz, where representatives from each house had to answer a series of general knowledge questions. It was very close in the end but Heimdal was triumphant. 

The current house point standings are: 

Heimdal - 202 Points
Tyr - 173 Points
Buri - 175 Points
Skadi - 200 Points

It is still very close and if last year is any indication it will remain a close race throughout the year. 

Congratulations to all the boys and girls for their commitment to receiving house points. Together, and not including silver certificates or other classroom initiatives, there has been around 700 reasons to award a point to a student for doing something positive 



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