Current number in student body: 127

It has been a very productive first year and we are very thankful to all our parents and community for their support, especially in the first few years where facilities are still developing and the school is still expanding. 

We started in August 2013 with 39 students and knew the first year would be a challenge. We had a fantastic first year with many school events and field trips and our staff achieved greatly with our student body.

Both our grade 1 classes have waiting lists. Our grade 2 has a waiting list. Grade 3, 5 and 6 are almost full with grade 4 being the class with most open places. However if last year was anything to go by, then that should also fill up during the course of the year.

Our second year as a school is rapidly approaching and we hope it will be as fulfilling and exciting as the first one.  

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