17th May a great success

 The celebrations for 17th May are now finished and everything has been tidied away once more. We could not have wished for a better event.


It has been a hugely successful event thanks largely to the parent council and to all who participated on the day. There was a delightful array of savoury and sweet treats on display and plenty to be had for everyone. 




The weather on the day was a gift and all students enjoyed the parade and the celebrations at the school afterwards. 


For the parade itself there were more students than anticipated, which was fantastic considering our parents and students come from 5 different municipalities (kommune).


This year was a significant one for Asker International School and as such we are delight to have had such participation, such good weather and such good coverage in local media. 

For one final time, gratulerer med dagen. I hope all had a wonderful celebration. 




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