Move over Sochi, the peacelympics are in town!

The PEACElympics - a great success.

And many people to thank for it. Firstly, without a doubt our p.e. teacher Mr. Andrew - the mind that brought us this event. He organised a lovely event for all students. Secondly, the parents - for their support and involvement. It made the day all the more special for the kids. Thirdly all the staff at AIS who stayed with the kids throughout the day and were positive and supportive. Last and by no means least - the students. The reason we had the event in the first place!

Participation medals have been awarded to all students. The winners for most events are decided, but the house trophy and one or two events need to be decided before we can announce the winners.  We will announce these results by Friday 14th February. 

Until then, congratulations everyone! May this be the first of many sports events at AIS....


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