Last week of school

Our schedule is as follows: 

Wednesday 18th December

08:50 – 10:30 Normal sessions

10:30 – 10:45 – Morning Break – supervised

10:45 – 12:00 – Rehearsals in the library area

12:00- 12:30 – Break outside – Supervised

12:30 – Line up and lunch inside in classrooms

13:00 - Clown Performance 45 minutes approximately + transitions.

14:00 – School and classroom tidy and readiness. Class teachers with classes.

15:00 – Grade 1 and 2 students – Grade 5 Classroom + movie (pre-performance wind-down)

Grade 3-5 students – ICT room + movie (same)

15:30 – kids are brought out and seated.

15:30 Concert start Introduced by Mr. Robert

16:30 School social, music and raffle

17:30 – End (approximately)

Please note transitions can change on the day. We have elected to have the performance in the school library area, for acoustics and also to make it a more intimate event. 

As tempting as it maybe, please leave your child(ren) under our supervision until the concert has ended. At the end of the concert you have supervision of your child. The kids will be very excited on the day and we need them to follow our instruction leading up to and during the event. We don't want them eating sweets/cakes until the concert is finished. 

It is a short event but I hope it will be a pleasant one. If you need to deviate from the above plan please let us know. 

Friday 20th December

This is our last school day in 2013, unbelievably. We are planning on having a grill-out and music outside (unless the weather is truly miserable - rain and/or -15). After that we will have a final year assembly and finish at the normal time of 14:45. SFO will run until 17:00 as usual. Nothing other than appropriate clothing is necessary on the last school day. The kids can bring snacks, but they can be eaten at the discretion of the class teacher. But no fizzy drinks please. 

As always, please make sure your child has the appropriate attire for school as we will almost always go out for break times. If you know your child will not be in attendance for any of the above and you have not notified the school, please let us know. If you wish to pick your child up early on the last day of school you may, but please let us know. 

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